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Dienstag, 23. April 2024

::: Welcome To The Home Of The PlanetMorrowind Modders :::

PMM-Information in English
Geschrieben von Garak   

Dear international visitor, right now there is no English content preview for the total conversion "Tales of Naour" on this site, due to time constraints of the crew. You can, however, visit Garak's View of Naour to get some basic impressions. Please note that this site only features aspects of my personal work and may be not representative for the rest of the crew.

Of course you can always have a look at our Gallery, the pictures should be international, with or without the Subtitles.

Please note: I had a lot of work building up Planet Oblivion, so the lack of recent Updates on VoN is not to be mixed up with inactivity on the project.

If your're looking for the NIBLE Tool, you can find the english Readme, the downloads and Tutorials here.

Another section which might be of interest is our Mod Resource department, featuring the skeleton pirates creatures.


A little hint: If you seem to miss a part of an article, look for the link Weiterlesen - it means read on.

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